General Library

The General Library fully functioning from the year 1983.The Library have a Collection of about 22324 books,1300 reference Books,5 newspapers, Magazines, KCHR books, Gift books. General library is Partially Automated with the Library Software Libsoft. The Users can access the collection through OPAC, WEB OPAC. Our college follows a Centralized library System. Book which is required for immediate reference is also available in the Department libraries.

                           “The only thing that you  absolutely have to know, is the location of the Library”.

– Albert Einstein


  • To support and promote the use of rich and diverse collection among the users
  • To preserve and house the collection for Posterity
  • To enhance and support the academic environment by providing seamless access to information

  Library Time:  9.30 A.M to 4.30 P.M (On all working days)

Library Staff  details


Library Advisory Committee

Chairman: Dr. Jolly Bose (Principal)

Secretary: Mayalekshmi S (Librarian)


Dr. Mini Babu (HOD, Department of English)

Dr. Gopakumar. G. (HOD, Department of Hindi)

Dr. Sunilkumar. K. (HOD, Department of Mathematics)

Dr. Sreevidya. P. V. (HOD, Department of Commerce)

Dr. Reshmi Vijayan (HOD, Department of Zoology)

Student Representative: Sri. Muhammed Salih. A. (College Union Chairman)


Library Rules

  1. Every Student must sign in the Gate Register which is available at the entrance of the library
  2. All the personal belongings such as Textbooks, Note Books,Bags,etc.should be kept at the property counter
  3. Students should have produce your own ID cards while borrowing Books
  4. While choosing Books from the Shelves, be careful not to Misplace them
  5. Sleeping, eating & Talking Loudly are strictly prohibited in the library
  6. Usage of Mobile phones is not permitted inside the Library

Library Services

  • Circulation of Books
  • Reference service
  • Referral service
  • Email:
  • User Orientation
  • Web OPAC
  • E-Resource
  • New arrival Display

Sections of the Library

  • Circulation Section
  • Reference Section
  • Reading Room(Newspapers & Magazines)
  • Technical section

Loan Period of books No. of Books allowed Loan Period (days) Extension (days)
B.A. /B. Sc./B. Com (for all semesters) 2 14 14
M. A. /M. Sc./M. Com 4 14 14
Late Books will be fined Rs. 1/day

Library Resources

  • General Collections: The Library has a total collection of about 22324 Printed volumes including books and Textbooks. Books were classified according to the DDC Scheme.
  • Reference Collection:




Atlas, etc.

  • K. C. H. R Collection: Books Published by Kerala council for Historic Research
  • Gift Books: Donated by Earlier Staff Students

Online Resources Available @ Our Library


N-List (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content)



By using the Following Link Users can search their books status In the Library

E Resources (Open access)

Best Library User Award

To Motivate the Students to make the efficient use of the Library and its services, the Best Library User Award has been started from 2022-23

Suggestion Register

Suggestion Register kept in the Library for your valuable Suggestion

Events:  Organized by General Library