Nature Club

In order to inculcate among the students the need for conservation and preservation of nature, a nature club has been functioning in the College. The main aim of the club is to create an insight among students about the current dangerous situation of the environment. The natural calamities and unpredictable weather changes are the consequences of human intervention. So the club enables the students to be responsible in maintaining a sustainable environment.


The Nature Club of BJM Govt. College, Chavara aims at creating a general awareness among the students regarding the different environmental problems and for an appreciation of nature among students.








Lt. Kiran P

Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology


 To create awareness, motivate and educate students about environment conservation.
  • To develop commitment towards environment
  • To inculcate the importance of environmental Cleanliness.
  • To develop leadership qualities through interdisciplinary group activities.
  • To raise their empathetic concern and widen perspective regarding the environment.
  • Organizing various eco-friendly activities.