Fee Regulations

Payments of Fees

1. Tuition fee will be collected in three equal installments in the month of June, October and January respectively. The first installment of fees including the special fees prescribed and caution deposits will be collected from the students of senior classes within a period of seven consecutive working days beginning from the date of re-opening of the college in the case of junior classes, the installment of tuition fees due till the date of admission which special fees and caution deposit will be collected on the date of admission.

2. In the case of students admitted late after the commencement of the academic year the fees for the preceding months, if any will be collected at the time of admission.

3. Applicants those who have undergone similar post metric courses such as ITI, ITC, TTC, Diploma in Polytechnic should produce a non-enjoyment certificate of educational concession from the previous institutions before admitting as non paying student.

4. Subsequent installments will be collected on or before 7th consecutive working days of the month concerned. The Principals of the college may fix the due date for collection of fees for each installment for various classes within seven consecutive working days.

5. If any students fails to pay the fee or special fee on the due date he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.5/- along with the fees on the tenth day after the due date.

If the tenth day happens to be a holiday, next working day will be counted as the tenth day.

6. If the tuition fee and special fee with the fine of Rs.5/- is not paid on or before the last date fixed for the fine of Rs.5/- and additional fine of Rs.5/- will have to be paid. If fees and fines of an installment are not paid before the last opportunity given for payment of each installment, the name of the students will be removed from the rolls of the college with effect from the date of following the expiry of that period and the student will not get the benefits of attendance also from the date of removed from the rolls of the college. If the student is to be re-admitted he/she has to apply for the special permission of the Principal and also has to remit all the arrears of fees with fine. No part payment is allowed in any circumstances. No re-admission fee will be realised in such case. The re-admitted students get the benefit of attendance only from the date of re-admission.

7. The last opportunity for payment of an installment of fees mentioned in para 5 to 6 above is define as the last working day previous to the due date of succeeding installment. But in the case of the last installment i.e., fee due for February the last opportunity is fixed as 5th March. If the 5th March happens to be a holiday, then the last working day previous to such date will be considered as the last opportunity.

(a) The fee will be accepted in lump year-wise and term-wise from the students in advance from those who are willing to remit the same as so.

8. The names of the defaulters of an installment will be published in the notice board immediately after the expiry of the last opportunity fixed for the payment of that installment.

9. The terms are defined clearly as follows:-

I Term – June to September

II Term – October to December

III Term – January to March

10. Students who are admitted for a term for making up shortage of attendance for the course which the student was undergoing should pay 1/3 of the tuition fees for the year together with full special fees and caution deposit at the time of admission.

11. In the case of casual students (undergoing I year course) all fees including special fees and caution deposit due for whole year will be collected at the time of admission.

12. Every student is liable to pay the prescribed fee for the whole term during any part of which his /her name is on the rolls of the college.

13. Provided that if a student studying or Degree or Post Graduate courses after obtaining T.C. from the institution is admitted to the same course of study in any other similar college she/he shall not be called upon pay over again fees already paid for them in the college which issue the T.C. But special fee and caution deposit will have to be paid again at the new college.