Dept of English

The Department of English was started in the same year as the commencement of the college in 1981. We started providing quality English education to the pupils especially those who hail from the rural and coastal areas of Kollam district. Being the first and foremost Govt. College in Kollam , our department continues to cater to the academic and social needs of the students for the past three and half decades. Ever since the starting of BA English Language and Literature course in 2012, the department has been one of the commendable departments in the academic circle. The department is proud of having produced a quite number of students with bachelor degree of commendable status .With its futuristic vision to provide quality education to youth and mould them into responsible citizens capable of severing themselves and the nation through excellent life and communication skills and inculcation of human values resulting in an all round development of its students, the department of English is fostering a promising and progressive academic ambience in tune with the latest trends and tenets of the teaching of English as a foreign and second language. VISION • To provide quality education to youth and to mould them into responsible citizens capable of serving themselves and the nation. MISSION • To strengthen students from diverse educational and socio-cultural background. • To make students independent language learners in order to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. • To provide an invaluable teaching- learning experience on par with international standards


M. A., Ph. D.