Jeevani is a project by the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, in technical collaboration with National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru which focuses on the mental well-being of the students in the government colleges in Kerala. JEEVANI- A preventive and promotional model of Mental Health and well being started in our college on August 2019.The project aims to promote mental health for college students and to improve awareness among them. This programme helps to identify psychological issue among college students. As a part of the programme numerous activities were held on college campus.

The main objectives under the project in our campus are:

  • Conducting programmes for creating awareness about mental health
  • Providing Psycho educational classes for enrolled students
  • Counselling of students having psychological issue
  • Early detection of students problem
  • Education support
  • Jeevani worked as a collaborator with college NSS, NCC, WWS(Walk with scholar), SSP(Scholar Support Programme).Women cell….
  • Development of Life skill and social skill among college students

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Class Campaign on World Mental Health Day

WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY 2023: poster making competition

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